Painting is one such medium that allows free flow of expressions, unlike other art mediums. Paint by Numbers is an art form that allows people to paint irrespective of their painting knowledge. Paint by Numbers allows people irrespective of their age to get immersed in color and letting their imagination soar. The wonderful thing about Paint by Numbers is that the painters can find their creativity. One can complete one painting daily through Paint by Numbers. Some easy instructions that you can follow to begin using Paint by Numbers are the following;

The first instruction that you can follow is to unpack Paint by Numbers kit and lay out the paints, canvas, and brush. You should choose a flat surface for keeping Paint by Numbers kits. You can now unroll the canvas and iron out the edges including the body for removing wrinkles and creases. Using masking a tape you can attach the canvas on the flat surface so that no residue gets left behind on the canvas.

You can now fill water on a small cup with few paper towels. You will constantly use colors for which you need paper towels for cleaning the brush. After arranging all the necessary paint by number kit in their respective place you can take a picture of the same on your phone. The taking of the entire picture will help you whenever you misplace any Paint by Numbers kit.

You can now match the paint pots according to the prescribed color of the canvas. You can begin using the dark color starting from top to bottom, from left to right vice-versa according to your compatibility.You can now dip the brush and paint with precision staying within the lines. The using of brush tip is ideal as it will help in preserving the paint. By following the above mentioned easy instructions, you can make beautiful paintings with Paint by Numbers.

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